The Democrats and Republicans have, once again, come to a “bipartisan agreement” on how to better spend our money rather than giving it back to us or,  simply, not taking it from us, to begin with. With a record 9.2 billion dollar surplus in the Minnesota budget, lawmakers that are working with governor Walz and the Republican leadership decided to “invest” it in education, public safety, healthcare, and human services.


This is all being planned as a 4 billion dollar “investment,” along with another 4 billion dollars invested in “financial relief” to Minnesotans… as opposed to giving us a tax holiday on gas or making tax cuts that matter to the everyday Minnesotan. Lawmakers plan to have a finalized version of this budget legislation by the end of Sunday, which is the end of their legislative session. 


Some of the ideas from the Democrats have been a 500 dollar tax credit for singles and 1000 dollars for couples, all the while Republicans criticize that this is an “election-year gimmick” and proposed permanent tax cuts to the first tax bracket. 


The thing is, both sides are pulling in their markers to make this seems like some groundbreaking compromise where the Republicans and Democrats are played up to be the servants they claim to be to the people. Don’t be fooled, the more you dig into this the more you’ll see it’s bipartisan theft and corporate conspiracy to make us complacent with a groundbreaking surplus being taken from us and spent on more waste and less actually productive government action.


Keep in mind, that this was all of our money, to begin with, and, instead of refunding us the difference in a surplus on the budget, the state is further spending it in ways that don’t represent our best interests as individuals.