2024 Petitioning for LPMN-Endorsed Candidates

Rebecca Whiting for U.S. Senate: ✅
TJ Hawthorne for House District 44B: ✅
Chase Oliver for President: To-do!
Mike ter Maat for Vice President: To-do!

Thanks to your efforts, we collected thousands of signatures to qualify Rebecca and TJ for the ballot. Now our task is to get our presidential ticket on the ballot, too.

Download the Presidential Nominating Petition here

Three Ways to Help:

  1. At a minimum, please sign the form yourself – and get four other signatures to fill up at least one page. Then mail it to our office. Don’t put this off!
    Libertarian Party of Minnesota
    1710 Douglas Drive N, STE 225U
    Golden Valley, MN 55422
  2. Go out and solicit signatures! Several volunteers for Rebecca and TJ got 50, 100 and 200+ signatures. Partner with your local affiliate leaders and fellow members to knock on doors, visit parks and other locations where the public gathers. When you have forms ready to turn in, contact chip.tangen@lpmn.org or your local LPMN leader.
  3. Collect signatures while volunteering at the LPMN booth at the following upcoming events:
    Twin Cities Pride Festival (June 29-30)
    Scott County Fair (July 24-28)
    Washington County Fair (July 31 – Aug 4)
    Beltrami County Fair (Aug 7 – 11)

To sign up for a shift, reach out Eric Thraen eric.thraen@lpmn.org


Q: Who should I ask to sign our petitions?
A: Everyone! We are not asking for their votes, but rather appealing to their sense of fairness. Most people who will sign your petition are not Libertarians – and that’s fine.

Q: I have no idea what to say when asking people to sign the petition form. Any tips?
A: Start with your friends and family, and then go knock on doors in your neighborhood. Keep it short and casual. Something like this:

“Hi, my name is X and I’d like your help to allow Minnesotans the opportunity to vote for someone other than Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Would you please sign this petition to get Chase Oliver on the ballot in Minnesota? I’m NOT asking you to vote for him.”

Q: Shouldn’t we mention the Libertarian Party? What if they ask about that?
A: You don’t have to mention the party in your initial brief pitch, but if you’re asked, matter-of-factly say the Libertarian Party. Then briefly explain how all minor party and independent candidates for president have to collect 2,000 signatures. Comment how you believe voters deserve more choices and ask, “don’t you agree?”

Q: But what if they press on with questions about the Libertarian Party or the Chase Oliver’s positions?
A: To be efficient with your time, avoid an extended conversation about why libertarianism is so awesome. You can direct them to votechaseoliver.com. Use your own words to summarize why the philosophy is important to you, and move on.

Q: Can I fill out parts of the form for people?
A: No! Only if they have a disability that prevents them from doing so themselves.

Q: Can I guide people to fill out the form?
A: Yes! Please make sure they fill it out correctly. People often start by writing out their signature in the box where they are supposed to print the name. That whole line is now invalid, so they will have to start again.

Q: Are ditto marks acceptable?
A: Yes! Encourage ditto marks to save time. The Secretary of State provides this guidance: “Ditto marks may be used for Date, Year of Birth, Residence Address, City/Township, and County, and may NOT be used for Signature and Name.”

Q: Is the middle name important?
A: Helpful, but not mandatory. The Secretary of State provides this guidance: “Middle names are not required, but there must be enough information to verify eligibility of the person signing.”

Q: Is the birth year important?
A: It’s mandatory! (Some people will be reluctant to share it.) The Secretary of State provides this guidance: “The standard practice of the Secretary of State’s Office has been to reject signatures that do not list the year of birth.”

Q: Can people sign a petition for our presidential candidate and also for another party’s candidate for president?
A: No.

Q: When is the deadline to turn in signatures for president?
A: August 20th.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Reach out to Political Director Chip Tangen chip.tangen@lpmn.org