PRESS RELEASE: Ron Paul Campaign Chief Elected Chair of Minnesota Libertarian Party

For Immediate Release Ron Paul Campaign Chief Elected Chair of Minnesota Libertarian Party Consensus candidates take the helm of a battered ship Golden Valley, MN (April 17, 2023) -- After years of factional infighting, the Libertarian Party of Minnesota has unified around their new chair, Marianne Stebbins. Stebbins, known for her success as State Coordinator

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2023 Pre-Announced Candidates

Chair (1 seat, 2-year term) Rebecca Whiting I have tried in my life to follow the path set before me. To be brave enough to continue on even through the failures and the trials, and to persevere no matter what the cost. And I believe in leaving behind a legacy for our future that we

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The Fear of Dissent – A Major Party Problem

Recent actions of our state legislature in Minnesota demonstrate the lack of respect so many politicians have for their own populace, as well as the fear they have of what would happen if those people really exercised their voice in our political system. This past week, a bill was put forward in the Minnesota Senate

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Russia: The real-world solution

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is not our fight As a staunch anti-war libertarian, I believe that the United States and NATO should stay completely out of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The situation is complex, with a long history of tensions and conflicting interests. While it's true that Russia invaded Ukraine to prevent NATO expansion, it's

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Movement to legalize cannabis in MN – Featured in the Star Tribune – Letter to the Editor by Nate Atkins

At long last, the movement to legalize cannabis in Minnesota has reached the DFL. The Libertarian Party of Minnesota would like to thank the countless marijuana legalization activists and advocates for their tireless work spanning decades. While the LPMN would prefer a full repeal of all existing marijuana laws, we don’t want the perfect to

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Feeding Our Children Scandal Shows Yet Another Public-Private Partnership to be Corrupt

September 29, 2022, Minneapolis, Minnesota - Last week the US Department of Justice filed fraud charges against 47 defendants associated with the nonprofit Feeding Our Future. The organization is alleged to have fleeced taxpayers out of $250 million, laundering the money through their school lunch program during the COVID pandemic. As usual, when talking about

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First Avenue Has No Shame

This establishment once stood for freedom of speech and expression. Apparently, that is no longer the case as Dave Chappelle’s show in Minneapolis on Wednesday was canceled just hours before he was set to take the stage. All because of his recent jokes that did not even come close to qualifying as hate speech, (the

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The Surplus Steal by Amos Webskowski

The Democrats and Republicans have, once again, come to a “bipartisan agreement” on how to better spend our money rather than giving it back to us or,  simply, not taking it from us, to begin with. With a record 9.2 billion dollar surplus in the Minnesota budget, lawmakers that are working with governor Walz and

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Petitioning is Now Open!

Just Two Weeks to Stop the Sickness As every Minnesota Libertarian knows, our candidates have to collect an absurd number of signatures in order to appear on the ballot in November, and they only have 2 weeks in which to do it. Those 2 weeks start today! How Can You Help? As a Libertarian Party

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