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Ron Paul Campaign Chief Elected Chair of Minnesota Libertarian Party

Consensus candidates take the helm of a battered ship

Golden Valley, MN (April 17, 2023) — After years of factional infighting, the Libertarian Party of Minnesota has unified around their new chair, Marianne Stebbins. Stebbins, known for her success as State Coordinator and Campaign Chair of former Congressman Ron Paul’s presidential races in 2008 and 2012, said, “I couldn’t be more impressed with the team we put together this weekend.”

The godfather of the modern Libertarian movement, Ron Paul found particular success as a presidential candidate in Minnesota thanks to Stebbins’s organizing and coalition-building. Stebbins, who was previously active within the state’s Republican Party, joined the Libertarian Party earlier this year and has already brought the feel of Ron Paul’s unifying message to the state’s third-largest political party.

Chair candidate Cara Schulz surprised those in attendance by declining the chair nomination, instead nominating Stebbins. According to Schulz, “It was an easy decision” to back Stebbins. “She has an incredible resume, is a driven and ethical person, and was someone our entire [party] should be able to unify under,” Schulz said of Stebbins. Schulz, a Burnsville City Councilor and long-time Libertarian campaign strategist and consultant, was elected to the position of Political Director.

Outgoing LPMN Chair Charles Kuchlenz said, “There was a lot of discussion leading up to this election and the delegation felt divided even up to the nominations.” According to Kuchlenz, Schulz recognized, whether she or opponent Rebecca Whiting of Bemidji emerged victorious in the Chair race, the intra-party divisions would continue.

Whiting, who was ultimately elected to the party’s Vice Chair position, rounding out the all-woman leadership team, said, “At the end of the day, party unity was more important than any one person…I’m happy with the results, and I look forward to tackling some of the hurdles the LPMN has in front of us.”

This sense of unity and optimism could not have come at a more opportune time ahead of a crucial presidential election year. Stebbins remarked, “We have ambitious goals and the talent and enthusiasm to achieve them through focused strategy and unparalleled teamwork. Minnesota will see the Libertarian Party in a new light by the end of 2024.”

The Libertarian Party of Minnesota, the state’s third-largest political party, advocates peace, prosperity, and freedom through a reduction in the size and scope of government, elimination of confiscatory taxes and wasteful spending, and abolition of laws that create crime where no victim is harmed. For more information and to join the fight for liberty, go to