Minneapolis, Minnesota (July 7, 2021) – The Libertarian Party of Minnesota proudly offers the following gift to the City of Minneapolis: candidate Nate “Honey Badger” Atkins for Mayor.

“This really isn’t a gift to the City, it’s a gift to the People,” said State Chair Chris Holbrook, “We’re lucky to have him, all of us are.”

“My campaign will be unique,” said Nate “Honey Badger” Atkins, “as the only one not run by a DFLer, a DFL that I will point out has run this city into the ground. Repeatedly. Insanity.”

The “Honey Badger” officially launched his campaign on June 25th and intends to pay the $500 filing fee at month-end to appear on the November ballot for Mayor of Minneapolis.

He supports a reformed police system with community involvement, he backs stronger mental health services for the homeless, and he will do everything in his power to make Minneapolis a sanctuary city for marijuana use.

“Balance is needed right now,” says Atkins. “Defunding the police is a non-starter, yet we need the necessary checks and balances in place for trust. The ideas and policies I intend to fight for – ending qualified immunity, decriminalizing drugs, and requiring law enforcement officers to carry personal liability insurance – will help reestablish faith and trust.”

Nate lives in south Minneapolis and is a husband, a father, and a 2003 U of M architecture graduate who is currently employed with a local home builder.

“(Mayor Frey) has utterly failed to create real and substantial solutions for our issues. Let’s get real, the DFL isn’t addressing it – I will. I represent an actual change – a choice, not an echo. I represent another way.”

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