October 18, 2013

In a Press Release to metro-area media, the Libertarian Party of Minnesota announced its preferences for Minneapolis Mayor under the ranked-choice voting system to be used by city residents in November.


Christopher Clark for Mayor of Minneapolis

LPMN member and mayoral candidate Christopher Clark picked up the Libertarian endorsement as well as a First Choice ranking. Clark believes the city acted wrongly by approving the new Vikings stadium without a public vote as required by the city charter. He questions costly expenditures such as the proposed Nicollet Avenue streetcar line and criticizes taxpayer waste on the city’s WiFi internet system. He also proposes a 15% cut to what he believes are excessive salaries for the Mayor and City Council members.

In addition, the LPMN has endorsed candidate Kurtis Hanna with a Second Choice ranking. Like Clark, Hanna also criticizes the city’s failure to follow its own charter in approving the Vikings stadium. Hanna promises to focus on the many allegations of police misconduct and proposes an independent review board separate from the city’s Police Conduct Review Panel. He is a strong advocate of individual privacy, challenging Fourth Amendment violations by city police in recording public demonstrations as well as other surveillance being conducted around the city. As the former Executive Director of Minnesota NORML, a group seeking to end marijuana prohibition, he brings leadership experience on a civil liberties issue that is increasingly gaining favor with the public.

Seeking to sway a potential contest between the highest-funded candidates, the LPMN also endorsed Cam Winton as its Third Choice. Although Winton was not seeking endorsements, he spoke at the LPMN State Convention in May and outlined his plan to focus on basic services and keep the city’s river port from being closed. He is outspoken in opposition to a taxpayer-funded Nicollet Avenue streetcar line in place of existing bus service. He champions a streamlined business environment and would sharply reduce the types of small businesses which require city permits.

The LPMN is pleased to assist Minneapolis residents by vetting the most libertarian-leaning mayoral candidates in this unprecedented 35-candidate race.

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