Hello Libertarians!

Are you interested in the party’s Platform and Bylaws?  Do you wish there was a committee you could join to get a jump start on working on these things before the 2022 LPMN convention?  Well, you should volunteer for the Platform and Bylaws committee!  The LPMN Executive Committee will be holding an election on Monday, October 18th, to fill the seats on this committee. We want to hear from LPMN members interested in this. There are four openings, and we are reserving two of them for party members that are not already on the executive committee.

You would be committing to four meetings that last about 90 minutes. They will be held via Google Meet on Sunday evenings once a month (probable dates, November 14th, December 12th, January 9th, February 6th) as well as some “homework” in between meetings writing language for consideration.

If you are interested in running for a committee seat or would like to ask any questions, send an e-mail to Secretary Justin Jelinek at justin.jelinek@lpmn.org BEFORE NOON on Friday, October 15th if you wish to become a candidate.  (Secretary Jelinek is the chair of this committee.)  All candidates will have a chance to address the Executive Committee at their meeting on Monday, October 18th