March 1, 2016

In several states including Minnesota, “Super Tuesday” featured highly contested races between multiple contenders in both the Republican and Democratic presidential races, undoubtedly spurring higher than usual turnout among the public for those parties.

Results-statewide-bar-chartExactly 226 Minnesotans decided that they didn’t care.

Not wanting to be fooled anymore by the Two Big Old parties, they came to the Libertarian caucuses instead, ready to support something better. Conducted in every region of the state, those who came gave the Libertarian Party of Minnesota its highest caucus turnout.  All 11 caucus locations reported in the evening of March 1.

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, the only Libertarian presidential candidate to have campaigned in Minnesota due to his previous 2012 candidacy, was the overwhelming favorite in all regions, except one.  At the location in Minneapolis, Johnson edged software magnate John McAfee by just one vote among 1st Choice votes.

The LPMN used Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) to conduct its presidential preference poll. Statewide, the top four 1st Choice vote-getters were: Gary Johnson 75.7%, John McAfee 11.5%, Austin Petersen 7.5%, and Darryl Perry 1.8%.

The top four 2nd Choice vote-getters: John McAfee 36.6%, Gary Johnson 17.4%, Austin Petersen 18.8%, and Steve Kerbel 11.7%.

A graph of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Choices shows that Johnson, McAfee, Petersen, Kerbel, and Perry are among the top tier of presidential contenders in a busy race of 12 Libertarian candidates (see inset graphic).

Also, at two caucus locations with established LPMN affiliates, elections were held to select new affiliate leadership. At other locations led by new activists, local leaders were identified with a goal of establishing formal Libertarian organizations in those regions.

At the Minneapolis location, led by the Metro Lakes Libertarians affiliate representing Congressional District 5, local publication Stubble Magazine reported on their caucus in a video.

Libertarians in Minnesota are gearing up to hear a third Libertarian Presidential Debate to be held in Raleigh, North Carolina, on March 7.

UPDATE 3-2-16:  Attendance & percentages revised slightly after a recount at one location.

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