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Voting is very important and helpful. However, it takes a party infrastructure to recruit, train and support those candidates. And unfortunately it takes a lot of financial wherewithal to do all that. Please consider actively supporting the Libertarian Party of MN as a dues-paying member.

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  • Be directly supporting the cause. The Libertarian Party of MN does not take special interest money or government funds; it relies on the support of people like you.
  • Belong to a party that fights for your freedom on all issues, all the time, and consistently defends the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
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  • Have opportunities to meet other people who share your love for liberty and desire a better, more free and prosperous America.
  • Have a say in our party with your eligibility to be a delegate at our national convention, and help us elect leadership or run yourself at our state convention.
  • Receive a custom membership card.

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