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February 27, 2024

Click the images above to find your caucus night.

What’s a caucus?

In Minnesota, our political parties convene once every two years to renew themselves. It’s the time for new and prospective members to learn about the party and consider joining our ranks. It’s a good time for newbies and veterans alike to step up as party activists. And there’s a straw poll for the Libertarian Party presidential candidates!

Where’s my caucus?

Click below or on the images above to find information on the caucus for your LPMN affiliate.

Not a member of an affiliate yet? No problem! Find the one closest to you and just show up. You’ll be welcomed with open arms.

No affiliate near you? Well, now’s a great time to start one! Get in touch and we’ll help you get started.

What’s the difference between a Libertarian Party Caucus and a GOP or DFL Caucus?

First, Libertarians generally meet in bars—just like our revolutionary forebears did 250 years ago! 

Second, we will conduct a straw poll. The legacy parties used to hold straw polls, too, but now they hold a primary a week later on March 5th.

As taxpayers, we fund the presidential primaries for the legacy parties ($9.6 million four years ago!). It’s an especially wasteful expense this year, with Biden and Trump seemingly locking up their nominations already.

And yes, their POTUS primaries are entirely separate from their August primary election for all the other partisan offices.

Third, the only way for Rs and Ds to attend their party conventions is to run as a delegate at their precinct caucus. As a smaller party, we don’t require that pathway. Everyone is welcome!

Tell me more about the straw poll.

This is the opportunity to express your preference for the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate. We will compile the statewide results that evening. Libertarians across the country – not to mention the candidates themselves! – will be eager to see which candidates fare well in Minnesota. If you want a direct say in who becomes the nominee, consider running to be a national convention delegate at the LPMN state convention on April 20-21.

Who is on the Straw Poll Ballot?

With thirty announced candidates (plus NOTA), the Libertarian Party has a crowded field of candidates in 2024!

Several candidates have recorded videos to tell you more about their campaigns. Hear from them along with LPMN Chair Rebecca Whiting below.

Want to know more? Click here to download a sample ballot with links to online resources for all the candidates who have an online presence.

I don’t yet have a preferred candidate. Why should I attend?

The straw poll isn’t the only item on the agenda. In addition to having a drink and socializing with other Libertarians, affiliates will conduct business:

  • You’ll learn about upcoming activities in your area and meet potential local candidates.
  • You’ll receive an update about party activities, such as the Defend the Guard Rally on March 23rd.
  • You’ll get details about the upcoming state and national conventions.
  • You’ll hear about LPMN’s plans to challenge Amy Klobuchar in the U.S. Senate.
  • Some affiliates will pass resolutions to fight the state.
  • Some affiliates will conduct their annual affiliate conventions, where you can vote or even run to become an officer.

I’ve got this friend who is not yet a Libertarian…

Bring your buddy! Who knows? They might join the party that night! If they’ll provide us their contact information, we will let them partake in our straw poll.

What should I do next?

Click the link to your caucus above, and save the date in your calendar. Do it now so you don’t forget.

We’ll see you on caucus night!

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