July 17, 2014

Re-posted as sent to Sun Focus Newspaper. For more information on the background of this issue, see http://focus.mnsun.com/2014/06/21/second-reading-for-heights-library-bond-sale-is-june-23/.

Columbia Heights library

Columbia Heights library

“I am devoted to our Democratic form of government with checks and balances. For this form of government to work, citizens need the ability  to vote on issues in free and fair elections. At the city level this includes being able to vote on rare multi-million dollar government projects. This is part of my commitment as a candidate running for the position of Minnesota Secretary of State.

To fulfill this commitment, I spoke at the June 9 Columbia Heights City Council meeting asking the Council to put the question of bonding for a new library on the November 4 general election ballot. Columbia Heights citizens would then vote for or against the bonding bill.

Citizens need to have the ability to determine how their hard earned money is spent. I want to give the citizens this check on the council’s powers having faith in their ability to choose what’s best for our city. Unfortunately, the Council did not agree with this philosophy.

I am now gathering petition signatures for a library bonding referendum to be placed on the November 4 ballot. If you’re a Columbia Heights resident and wish to sign the petition, please contact me at 612-987-2063 before July 23. Thank you to all of you who believe that our government is our servant, not our master”

Bob Odden

Libertarian Secretary of State candidate